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Mayday! Mayday! Vicious Mallard going down, Louie Laker spikes himself

Monday, October 2, 2017

MATTOON--LAKER FIELDHOUSE--Louis Laker, Lake Land College's official mascot, was flying high at Laker Fieldhouse prior to a recent Lady Lakers volleyball match, until he ran into some nasty turbulence just above the net.

You see, Louie Laker, the entertainer that he is, had decided to slip into the Lady Lakers kill line right behind Kristy Burford during pre-match warmups for a little spike action.
Lake Land's head volleyball coach, Ashli Robison, and the Lady Lakers, played along with the mascot's antics, adding to the fun atmosphere of the Homecoming weekend, tossing up a volleyball in a perfect set for a Vicious Mallard attack at the net.
Louie Laker skied, as Mallards do, wound up in mid-air, windmilled his right wing, and ...
... whoosh.

What the duck?

Mayday! Mayday!

Vicious Mallard going down!
 Flapping hard to no avail, flat on his back.
Burford couldn't believe it.
Robison had to turn away in laughter. (She wasn't the only one.)
Louie Laker sprawled a bit as Burford checked on him, but recovered, and good sport and entertainer that he is, flapped to his feet and exited, Fieldhouse left.

Now Laker fans are wondering whether Louie Laker will return to the spiking line this season, or possibly go for a dunk when basketball season arrives, or take BP with Laker Baseball or Softball in the spring?

So the next time you hear quacking overhead and look to the sky to give Louie Laker a wave as he flies by in one-mascot formation, but you can't seem to locate him, you might want to check around your feet.

Go Lakers! Go Louie Laker! (And we're all glad you're okay!)
Louie Laker

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