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Lakerball covers: a filtered touch or not (featuring Laker Cheer)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Inquiries regarding whether Lakerball displays some covers with filters and some without bring us to this post.

A pretty good question from those with an eye for detail.

In this post, we'll example Lake Land College Cheer, student-athletes in every sense of the compound word, action modeling some nice images via their coordination, strength, teamwork, courage, and overall athletic ability.

First of all, the filtered look is simply a nice touch Lakerball is able to borrow from Instagram filters applied to cover images, which are normally shared on the Lakerball Radio Instagram feed.

Understand, Jodie is a fearless flyer and her Laker Cheer teammates seem to love tossing her almost to the dome of Laker Fieldhouse...

Instagram has some really awesome filters, by the way.

What Lakerball likes about some of these filters is twofold. One: A filter can add a nice touch to an image. Two: Some of the filters can help disguise a bit of blur or other defect and allow Lakerball to use that otherwise wouldn't make the cut, even though its subject and essence might be worthy.

For those with a special interest in which filters are used, the answer is: any that enhance the cover image, but most used are "Hefe," "X-Pro II," and "Lo-Fi." Occasionally, the "Sierra" or "Hudson" filters are utilized.

At times, no filter adds any flare to the image, and in this case, none are applied.

And sometimes, though a filter would be a good fit, the end result is not a good fit. Here's an explanation.

Instragram boxes images, squares them mostly, and while horizontal width is usually not a problem, the powerful social medium doesn't like vertical.

Unfiltered original
Instagram filtered, auto-cropped
The recent Lakerball cover image of Lake Land College Cheer flyer, Jodie Harris, makes a good example. (Both the filtered Instagram image and the original image used on the Lakerball cover are included here.)

Understand, Jodie is a fearless flyer and her Laker Cheer teammates seem to love tossing her almost to the dome of Laker Fieldhouse, obvious in the image, and for those with the detailed eye, well, they've noticed the backlit illumination of Jodie's hair.

Clicking the images will offer an enlarged view.

FYI: In the Jodie Harris cover as featured on Lakerball Radio's Instagram feed and shown above on the right, "Lo-Fi" was applied. You can see how Instagram's auto-cropping takes the floored Laker Cheer members out of the image. Lakerball felt since it had the option, it was important to the impact of the cover image to use the unfiltered version depicting the Laker Cheer base at the ready to catch Jodie, because without that aspect of the stunt, you obviously don't have the ability to perform such an acrobatic act.

The image issue comes in when Jodie is at apogee, and to get even a smidgen of the upward reaching hands of her Cheer-mates, that creates a heck of a lot of vertical image. There's just no fitting such heights in an Instagram photo.

Therefore, in order to display the total essence of Laker Cheer in action along with the high-flying spectacle that is Jodie Harris, the non-filtered original gets the cover.

Below are some images of Laker Cheer in action, Some of the images were were previously featured as Lakerball covers.

The head coach of Lake Land College Cheer is Dessie Boeser

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