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What's the what on Aaron Bence Laker Alumni Collection image

Friday, September 29, 2017

Many have inquired why such a peculiar image posted for the Laker Alumni Collection for former Lake Land College Baseball standout, Aaron Bence?

The short answer is Lakerball doesn't have an image of Bence in action, but wanted to include him in the LAC.

The longer answer is basically that Bence holds the Laker Baseball record for stolen bases in a season and collegiate career, bigtime.

In 2014, Bence swiped 17 out 18 bases as a freshmen.

The 2015 season proved to be the record breaking season for Bence, stealing 47 bases out of 50 attempts!

For his Lake Land Baseball career, therefore, Bence ripped off 64 bases out of 68 tries. That's a successful steal in 9.4 out of every 10 attempts.

When it came to Bence, when he got on first, he was on third.

In that 2015 season, Bence tallied a half-dozen triple-steal games.

The 2015 season found Bence ranking 3rd in the nation for stolen bases in NJCAA Division I Baseball.

Bence's best span went four games where he stole 11 bases. Three of those games were triple steal events.

On his longest stretch, Bence stole 24 bases in a row before getting caught.

Who says robbery doesn't pay?

Bence went on to Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky, where in 2016, he continued to take bases without asking, 17 ripoffs out of 21 attempts.

About the image: After a Laker baseball game that ran until sunset, while rolling up cable, the play-by-play sportscaster noticed the light outlines in the darkness and instantly thought of Bence. Click-flash-evidence.

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