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Nathan Rohmann

Nathan Rohmann

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Facebook live stream still 'klunky'

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sure, Facebook presents a nice livestream, when they aren't quick to nix your efforts. For those inquiring from time to time why Lakerball has not embraced the Facebook live streaming capability for full game broadcasts, there are still a couple reasons that haven't changed since last autumn.

The service is still "klunky," meaning FB hasn't debugged the system enough to make live streaming games a reasonable undertaking, although when it has worked (occasionally) in tests, the live stream was without a lot of buffering and offered a fairly clear video.
Facebook seems to take more time "killing" a live streaming than you do pushing it through. Any utterance of a copyrighted song (and they all are) or other material and the FB sensor machine kills your live stream. Worse, we wouldn't know about it until the live stream was over.

So for folks wondering what happened to Wednesday's few minutes of casual pregame video live streaming on FB, background music was the culprit. We did go with Periscope, an app which plays on our Lakerball1 Twitter feed, and so far, it streams without a hitch. We simply try to avoid Periscope when possible because it seems to draw an instant crowd of "creepers" and "trolls."

Lakerball will continue to work toward more of the best media that can be utilized for the GameDay experience.

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