Lakerball Livestream: BASE-Southwestern Illlinois vs. Lake Land

Nathan Rohmann

Nathan Rohmann

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Introducing Lakerball GameDay

Friday, March 31, 2017

In an effort to get more broadcast specific for the many fans of Lake Land College Laker Athletics, Lakerball is developing Lakerball GameDay, and you'll get to test drive it starting with Laker Baseball on April 1 (no foolin').

Lakerball, the blog, is getting a bit too busy with all the news, information, and broadcasts all fighting for attention on the same blog, so we're going to attempt to clear the clutter, so fans who want newsy posts can get them here on Lakerball, while those most interested in the broadcasts will a site much more streamline for that purpose.

For now, you'll be able to get to the broadcasts from either site.

Go have a look and bookmark it so when it's game day, you'll know just how to get to Lakerball GameDay!

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