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Nathan Rohmann

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Mid-season measure: Is Laker Athletics above sea level?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Prior to the season, as a point of interest, Lakerball asked the question: Can Laker Athletics stay over .500? You can view that post, here. (opens in a new window)

Now, with the volleyball season concluded and women's and men's basketball a little over halfway through their respective seasons (and with softball just getting underway and baseball soon to follow), we took a measurement to determine whether Laker Athletics as a whole is below, at, or above "sea level."

To date, the Lakers men's basketball team is 9-14, so have a little work to do to get back to the surface.

Lakers baseball has yet to launch.

The Lady Lakers volleyball team finished up 18-14.

The Lady Lakers basketball team is currently 13-9.

Lady Lakers softball has tossed a few games into the mix, now 3-1.

The current measure of Laker Athletics, therefore, is 43-37, a winning percentage of .537. (The 2015-16 season, by the way, yielded a record of 116-103 for a .529 winning percentage.)

Indeed Laker Athletics is above sea level, but there's a lot of hoops remaining, and even more diamond sports games.

For your interest, we'll check back sometime after the basketball seasons have come to a close.

Good job, Laker Athletics. No life preserver needed at this time.

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