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How Region 24 women's basketball standings and post-season seeding works

Monday, February 6, 2017

At least once each women's basketball season Lakerball posts a take on how the standings, and therefore, post-season seeding, works for the Lake Land College Lady Lakers and the other seven team members of
NJCAA Women's Basketball Division II Region 24.

For most NJCAA regions, the post-season seeding is straightforward, based on a home-road pair of games between each member college. In Region 24, however, the games countable toward post-season seeding are calculated using a point system of 2.0 points earned for each home win and 2.5 points earned for each road win. The total points earned are then simply divided by the number of Region 24 games played.

The reason for the point system is because not all of the eight teams are able to play a home-road pair of Region 24 games with each opponent. Some can, the six Region 24 teams belonging to the Mid-West Athletic Conference (MWAC). Both Lake Land College and Illinois Central College belong to different conferences, and simply do not have enough room on the calendar to get a home-road set of games slated versus each of the Region 24 members. The latter mentioned teams, however, can played each member once, and rotate home-road on a seasonal basis. Hence, the unequal amount of Region 24 games necessitates the point system.

Below is the current NJCAA Women's Basketball Division II Region 24 Standings, reflecting the current seeding status. Of course, the completion of the season's Region 24 games determines post-season seeding.

Also included are Region 24 game scores to date for each Region 24 team member.

The standings Lakerball posts are unofficial, presented as a point of fan interest in the progress of the Region 24 teams.

NJCAA Women’s Basketball Division II Region 24 Standings
TEAM — Region 24-WBB—02/04/17
1—Illinois Central College Lady Cougars
2—Parkland College Lady Cobras
3—Lake Land College Lady Lakers
4—John Wood CC Lady Blazers
5—Lewis & Clark CC Lady Trailblazers
6—Lincoln College Lady Lynx
7—Lincoln Land College Lady Loggers
8—Danville Area CC Lady Jaguars

SEED PTS = Total seeding points

SEED AVG = PTS/games played

2.0 pts for home win; 2.5 pts for road win

GL = Region 24 games left to play

Lake Land College Lady Lakers          
Nov. 19—LLCC @             W, 81-60     2.5
Dec. 7—DACC                    W, 86-48     2.0
Dec. 29—PC                         W, 66-60     2.0
Jan. 4—JWCC @                L, 64-60      0.0
Jan. 14—L&CCC @           L, 65-56      0.0
Jan. 28—ICC                       W, 68-56     2.0
Feb. 13—LC @                   
Seed Total                                                  8.5
Seed Average                                            1.4

Illinois Central College Lady Cougars
Jan. 4—L&CCC                  W, 78-66     2.0
Jan. 7—DACC @                W, 75-41     2.5
Jan. 21—LLCC @              W, 70-57     2.5
Jan. 25—LC                         W, 69-46     2.0
Jan. 28—LLC @                 L, 68-56      0.0
Jan. 30—JWCC                   W, 68-36     2.0
Feb. 15—PC                         0                      .0
Seed Total                                               11.0
Seed Average                                            1.8

Parkland College Lady Cobras
Dec. 31—LLC @                 L, 66-60      0.0
Jan. 28—@ LC                    W, 82-63     2.5
Feb. 1—L&CCC                  W, 66-58     2.0
Feb. 4—JWCC                     W, 81-68     2.0
Feb. 8—@ DACC                x
Feb. 11—LLCC
Feb. 15—ICC @
Feb. 18—LC
Feb. 22—L&CCC @
Feb. 25—JWCC @
Mar. 1—DACC
Mar. 4—LLCC @               x                   0.0
Seed Total                                                  6.5
Seed Average                                            1.5

Lincoln Land Community College Lady Loggers
Nov. 19—LLC @                L, 80-61      0.0
Jan. 21—ICC                       L, 70-57      0.0
Jan. 28—L&CCC @           L, 77-50      0.0
Feb. 1—JWCC                     L, 63-52      0.0
Feb. 4—DACC                     W, 84-62     2.0
Feb. 8—LC @
Feb. 11—PC @
Feb. 18—L&CCC
Feb. 22—JWCC @
Feb. 25—DACC @
Mar. 1—LC
Mar. 4—PC                          x                   0.0
Seed Total                                                  2.0
Seed Average                                            0.4

John Wood Community College Lady Blazers
Jan. 4—LLC                         W, 64-60     2.0
Jan. 28—DACC                   W, 79-48     2.0
Jan. 30—ICC @                  L, 68-36      0.0
Feb. 1—LLCC @                W, 63-52     2.5
Feb. 4—PC @                      L, 81-68      0.0
Feb. 8—L&CCC
Feb. 11—LC
Feb. 18—DACC @
Feb. 22—LLCC
Feb. 25—PC
Mar. 1—L&CCC                 0                   0.0
Seed Total                                                  6.5
Seed Average                                            1.3

Danville Area Community College Lady Jaguars
Dec. 7—LLC @                   L, 86-48      0.0
Jan. 7—ICC                         L, 75-41      0.0
Jan. 28—JWCC @              L, 79-48      0.0
Feb. 1—LC                           L, 87-72      0.0
Feb. 4—LLCC @                L, 84-62      0.0
Feb. 8—PC
Feb. 11—L&CCC @
Feb. 18—JWCC
Feb. 22—LC @
Feb. 25—LLCC
Mar. 1—PC @
Mar. 4—L&CCC                 x                   0.0
Seed Total                                                  0.0
Seed Average                                            0.0

Lewis & Clark Community College Lady Trailblazers
Jan. 4—ICC @                    L, 78-66      0.0
Jan. 14—LLC                      W, 65-56     2.0
Jan. 28—LLCC                   W, 77-50     2.0
Feb. 1—PC @                      L, 66-58      0.0
Feb. 4—LC                           W, 76-58     2.0
Feb. 8—JWCC @
Feb. 11—DACC
Feb. 18—LLCC @
Feb. 22—PC
Feb. 25—LC @
Mar. 1—JWCC
Mar. 4—DACC @               x                   0.0
Seed Total                                                  6.0
Seed Average                                            1.2

Lincoln College Lady Lynx
Jan. 25—ICC @                  L, 69-46      0.0
Jan. 28—PC                         L, 82-63      0.0
Feb. 1—DACC @                W, 87-72     2.5
Feb. 4—L&CCC @             L, 76-58      0.0
Feb. 8—LLCC
Feb. 11—JWCC @
Feb. 13—LLC
Feb. 18—PC @
Feb. 22—DACC
Feb. 25—L&CCC

Mar. 1—LLCC @               x                   0.0
Seed Total                                                  2.5
Seed Average                                            0.625

Standings for the eight teams comprising NJCAA Division II Region 24 is calculated using only those games played by one DII Region 24 team versus another DII Region 24 team.

Six of those eight teams play a home/road series as part of the Mid-West Athletic Conference (MWAC), and those games count toward post-season seeding. The MWAC teams are as follows:
Parkland College
John Wood Community College
Lincoln Land Community College
Lincoln College
Danville Area Community College
Lewis & Clark Community College

The other two teams—Lake Land College and Illinois Central College—belong to other conferences, which require a number of games played, respectively, leaving only enough schedule availability so that Lake Land College and Illinois Central College can only play each of the other DII Region 24 teams once for a total of seven games that count toward post-season seeding. For Lake Land College and Illinois Central College the home/road schedule versus each opponent is rotated each season.

Six of the DII Region 24 (MWAC) teams play 12 games that count toward post-season seeding while the other two (Lake Land College and Illinois Central College) play seven countable games. To create fair value of each game played, each team earns 2.0 points for each home win, 2.5 points for each road win, and zero points for any home or road loss. The current standing of any one team is based upon the total value of points earned divided by the amount of games played.

The final standings equate to the seeding for the DII Region 24 post-season tournament, the winner of which advances to the 2017 NJCAA Divison II Women’s Basketball Championship.

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