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Nathan Rohmann

Nathan Rohmann

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Lakerball Radio fills the void as free service to fans of Laker Athletics

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New this season, Lakerball Radio, with a media player on the LakerBall blog and two customized smartphone apps -- one for iOS (Apple) devices and one for Android devices -- is serving as a popular simulcasting medium to the Lakerball Livestream, giving those who may have difficulty viewing the video livestream due to spotty internet service providers or simply being away from a desired livestream viewing location with good connectivity an opportunity to "tune in," regardless of their circumstances.

For those away from their best internet environment, a smartphone gets them as close to the action as possible. The customized apps have become popular with fans of Laker Athletics, providing a quick and easy way to get the action live. And if they still are unable to catch a particular game, they can listen to it later as all events are instantly archived on the app with the latest event at the top of the list.

Lakerball Radio was also developed as a way to bring fans of Laker Athletics more opportunities to experience games when the Lakers are on the road. In the past, when the Lakers traveled, everything went dark and silent from a broadcasting perspective. Local commercial radio has helped to a degree, covering a handful of Laker events, a few of those road games. Campus radio has pitched in with more road game simulcasts than ever before.

One thing preventing a road game broadcast is the rare occasion when internet connectivity is poor. For instance, to date, every venue worked for Lakerball Radio (which uses mobile connectivity), except Mountain Dew Court in the Student Activity Center at John Wood Community College. The Quincy region is like the dark side of the moon when it comes to mobile connectivity (not the college's fault), and courtside is like every other gymnasium where public wi-fi is available (a common problem for all colleges), and quickly becomes useless once that fifth smartphone in the bleachers gets to surfing the net, let alone the hundreds that eventually try to tap in. Luckily, the mobile technology Lakerball Radio uses allowed for a good phone connection to the WLKL studio back at Lake Land College, so campus radio came through with an over the air broadcast as well as their online audio stream.

Another thing preventing "Lakers on the Road" broadcasts is when it is simply cost prohibitive. So far, anything across state lines, even by a few miles, and it's back to the dark ages.

At least until post season comes, Lakerball Radio is in a good position to bring a lot of Laker Athletics -- home and road -- to internet radio.

FYI, some of Lakerball Radio's most popular listening audiences come from the following locations:

  • Bloomington, IN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Rock Island, IL
  • Mattoon, IL
  • Monticello, IL
  • Fishers, IN
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Nokomis, IL

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