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Nathan Rohmann

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Lakerball Radio testing timeline bookmarking

Friday, December 16, 2016

Lakerball Radio is testing a method of bookmarking the timeline of an archived broadcast with a form of "chapters" normally utilized in more formal podcasts.

Using the recent Lake Land College Lady Lakers basketball game versus the Lady Saints of Shawnee Community College, "markers" in the form on tiny circles along the timeline bookmark moments of the broadcast.

For purposes of testing, mainly Lady Lakers scoring is marked. This will not be done live during future broadcasts, but as time allows, within a day or more after a broadcast, basic moments like the opening tip-off, beginning of quarters, halves, halftime, final buzzer, and significant moment may be bookmarked for ease of navigation for the user, who may not always have time to sift through an entire game to located plays of time periods of interest.

Simply glide your cursor slowly across the timeline and a short description of the event marked by a small orange-gold circle (depending on your screen) will give you a "clicking point" that will play the event and on forward. Give it a try, it's easy! 

The mouse/cursor relationship is sometimes a bit touchy, so if you're finding it difficult to target one of those circle markers, trying clicking on the book icon on the upper portion of the embed. A list will open of what are called "chapters," which are the bookmarks or markers already described. Scroll down the list to find the marker you want and click on it. To close the list you'll need to scroll it up again, where you'll find an "x" in the upper right corner of the list.

The timeline embedded below may have additional markers added over the next few days. Future timelines will not be nearly as "crowded" with markers.

Thanks for your feedback as Lakerball continues to find the most efficient ways to bring you Laker Athletics events.

Listen to "WBB-Lake Land vs Shawnee" on Spreaker.

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