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Nathan Rohmann

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Lake Land College Agriculture Students Excel in Competition

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lake Land College agriculture students recently attended the conference and competition of the Post-Secondary Agriculture Student Organization (PAS) in Bloomington, Ill. on Oct. 28.

Two-hundred and fifty students representing eight colleges from across Illinois competed in various areas of agriculture specialization. Illinois PAS Organization is part of a nationwide PAS group known as a career and technical agriculture student organization, for the promotion of skills, leadership and education in agriculture.

2016-2017 LAKE LAND COLLEGE PAS STUDENTS                    

Livestock -Beef                                                               
Carley Travis                 1st, 1st team                                  Oblong, Ill.
Alec Meyers                 1st, 1st team                                  Taylorville, Ill.
Gage Hank                   3rd, 1st team                                 Aledo, Ill.
Sierra Day                    4th                                                Cerro Gordo, Ill.
Kathryn Helmink            5th                                                Montrose, Ill.
Leslie Walker                Team member                                Danvers, Ill.

Kent Siefert                  1st, 1st team                                  Batesville, Ind.
Ty Cool                        2nd, 1st team                                Mendon, Mich.
Maddie Caldwell          3rd                                                Elmwood, Ill.
Lane Rinderer               5th                                                Highland, Ill.

Livestock -Overall                                                           
Emily Ivey                     1st, 1st team                                  Loudon, Tenn.
Jeremiah Cupps           3rd, 1st team                                 Burlington, Ky.
Carson Goff                 2nd                                               Hopedale, Ill.
Emily Greenwald           4th                                                Bloomington, Ind.
Colton McMullen          5th                                                Rockville, Ind.

Livestock - Sheep                                                            
Gretchen Macklin          1st, 1st team                                  Shelbyville, Ill.
Anna Landstrum           6th, 1st team                                 Odell, Ill.
Lexi Harrison                3rd                                                Louisville, Ill.
Zachary Shumacker       7th                                               Sweet Springs, W. Va.

Crop Specialist                                                                
Julie Wente                  3rd, 2nd team                                Sigel, Ill.
Rachel Deters               5th, 2nd team                                Sigel, Ill.
Aaron Wesch                6th, 2nd team                                Arcola, Ill.
Devin Aherin                7th                                                Dietrich, Ill.
Carl Goebel                 Team member                                Harvel, Ill.
Desirae Stewart            Team member                                Mattoon, Ill.

Horticulture Specialist                                                     
Jake Parsley                 1st individual, 1st team                   Dieterich, Ill.
Chris Lewis                   2nd individual, 1st team                  Mattoon, Ill.
Lisa Webb                   3rd individual                                 Gays, Ill.
Lee Van Dyke               4th individual                                 Gays, Ill.
Libby Van De List         5th individual                                 Effingham, Ill.
Elizabeth Brackney        8th individual                                 Effingham, Ill.

Employment Interview                                                     
Lexi Harrison                1st, Ag Communications                 Louisville, Ill.
Taylor Correll                Fruits & Veg                                   Newton, Ill.
Christen Osborne         Agribuisness Admin                       Bushnell, Ill.
Colton McMullen          3rd, Feeds & Animal Health            Rockville, Ind.
Maddie Caldwell          2nd, Agribuisness Sales                  Elmwood, Ill.
Anna Landstrum           Ag Education                                 Odell, Ill.

The Lake Land College Agriculture Division offers students 12 majors that prepare students to enter the workforce or prepare to transfer to a four-year college. For more information visit

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