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Nathan Rohmann

Nathan Rohmann

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NJCAA Division I Volleyball National Poll

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NJCAA Division I Volleyball National Poll
as of October 18, 2016

1—Panola College (TX)                                28-2
2—Western Nebraska Community College(NE) 26-3
3—College of Southern Idaho (ID)                23-4
4—Iowa Western Community College (IA)      27-4
5—College of Central Florida (FL)                  19-4
6—Indian Hills Community College (IA)          29-3
7—Salt Lake Community College (UT)            18-7
8—Snow College (UT)                                 16-8
9—Hillsborough Community College (FL)        19-8
10—Daytona State College (FL)                    13-7
11—Jefferson College (MO)                          19-5
12—Palm Beach State College (FL)                19-3
13—Arizona Western College (AZ)                 23-0
14—Miami Dade College (FL)                         9-4
15—Polk State College (FL)                          18-6
16—San Jacinto College—Central (TX)           22-7
17—Odessa College (TX)                             22-3
18—Wharton County Junior College (TX)        22-5
19—Northwest College (WY)                         15-6
20—Laramie County Community College (WY) 21-6

Other schools receiving votes
Colby Community College (KS)                     22-6
Monroe College (NY)                                 17-11
Trinity Valley Community College (TX)           20-4
Wallace St. Community College—Selma (AL)  34-2

Dropped from rankings
Missouri State University—West Plains (MO) (5)*
*Ineligible for ranking due to NJCAA probation

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